Laser Cutting

Continental Industries offers high speed laser cutting in addition to traditional methods of processing sheet metal. Although Continental has four turret punch presses, it is our Amada LC-3015 laser that gives us a “cutting edge” against our competition.

The 4000kw LC-3015FI NT laser is equipped with 3-axis linear motor drive system, cut process monitoring, twin-adaptive optics, and Amada tuned oscillator making it an ultra-fast, ultra-precise, full range cutting system.

The addition of laser cutting technology has allowed us to increase our throughput, achieve greater part yield and offer faster turnaround times to our customers. The benefits the laser brings to our customers are:

  • Precision Cutting
  • Clean Edges
  • No Special Tooling
  • Complex Geometry
  • Intricate Shapes
  • Greater Material Utilization via Part Nesting


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